Managing an online shop is not that expensive as compared to a brick-and-mortar store, but if you are not careful of your finances and expenses, you might end up spending more in your online store rather than the latter. One way to get away with expenses is to find a cheap domain name and website hosting. Check out http://buyerlinkage.com/godaddy-promo-code/ to get started.

First of all, you need to look for the best domain registration site.

You should look for a domain registration site that offers more options such as choices for the domain names as well as the packages for the web hosting. You don’t have to look for other sites because you already have everything in one. The disadvantage of having separate providers for domain names and web hosting is the fact that you will need to pay them separately and maintenance fee is doubled.

In case you can’t find a good name that ends with dot com extension, you still have other options.You can choose other domain extension other than the dot com and they are still the same.

If you are into website creation businesses, the most commonly used domain is the “.net” which means network.

On the other hand, “.info” is obviously the shortcut for the word information. If your business is related to consultancy firms, websites that provides general knowledge or any useful information as long as it relates to the dissemination of data, then this domain extension is the best to use.

If you are into non-profit organizations, or any organizations for that matter, using the extension “.org” is the most appropriate for you. This way, you can be easily distinguished as a website connected or dealing with organizations and mostly charity or non-profit.

Another option that is best for businesses, usually neophytes, is the extension “.biz”. The word BIZ is a shortcut for business so when your domain contains this extension, the visitor of your website will immediately assume that you are dealing with businesses. Most of these businesses are often customization-related businesses. Their products are often the name of their websites.

Once you have decided on your extension, it is time to read the fine print of the company you’ve chosen to get your domain and website hosting. Don’t ever agree or sign the fine print without carefully reading its content. Save yourself from any possible problems and always read everything. A trusted company offering domain and hosting will always be happy to assist you. For more info, visit the godaddy domain renewal coupon website.


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